Sixth Sense

I have the terrifying ability to see astral projections of ghosts. Now before you roll you’re eyes and tell me that ghost don’t exist, I will tell you why I can see them. It’s because I believe. If you don’t believe, you will not achieve. I have opened up my mind to accept the possibility of ghosts and that is how I am able to see them. In my life, I have seen two. One, while I was walking into my room freshman year, it was standing in front of me, a man and I was so terrified, I had to put my head down. When I looked up, it was gone. The second time, was over the summer, between freshman and sophomore year. It started at the bottom of my stairs, which is freaking creepy enough! Imagine, every time you walked into you room at night and so happen to look down the stairs and you see silhouette of a person. I almost cried the first time I saw it. Over time, it moved. Up the stairs to the top of the landing, so if was to sit on my bed with the door open, I could see it. Then finally, it moved into my room. It would loom over my bed at night as I tired to sleep, blowing cold air all over my face in some attempt to get me to play with it. Then it began knocking things off of my night stand…things that couldn’t have fallen off by itself. It would even turn the TV on. I haven’t seen it since I went back to college, but my sister informs me, who is residing in my bedroom for the time being, that it likes to hang around in the bathroom, next to my room, playing with the taps out of boredom. He’s waiting for me to come home! 

I’ve seen my fair share of orbs, particularly in one of the most haunted hotels in Britain (The George Inn, Norton St Philip) and I can feelings the presence of spirits in a room along with their intentions, but I haven’t seen another astral projection…until tonight. 

This very moment, I am working alone in the editing lab where the lights turn off by themselves. I turned around to use the bathroom and I see the distinct outlines of a little girl by the cluster of chairs and a man standing at the window, both meters away from me. It’s  safe to say that it took me a while to actually get out of my chair and go to the bathroom. And then it happened again. The light’s went out and I saw the man still standing by the window. 

I think I need to get the hell out of here now…


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