Speaking Language

Today I’ve experienced being in different places but all places had one thing in common. I didn’t speak the language. A friend and her family gave me a ride; their first language is Korean. Now they didn’t speak it in front of me, keeping my in the conversation which was so nice. But then I found out that her brother couldn’t speak English. It must have been strange for him to sit a lunch with us and listen to a conversation that he didn’t understand. I was wondering what it must have been like and I was wishing that there was some way I could have included him in the conversation. Later on in the day, I went to see friends at college I hadn’t seen in a while. Yes we all spoke the same language but sometimes, I felt as if I didn’t understand what they were saying. The last time I had really spoke to them was in May, 6 months later and things are obviously going to be very different and their inside jokes might as well have been spoken in a different language. I felt awkward, as if I was missing out on something, almost as if I didn’t belong there. To top things off, after dinner, some other friends started doing their homework…in the language of Physics. It all blew right over my head and I am 100% sure I now know how my friends brother must have felt like at lunch. Speaking in science or math is just as close to a foreign language to me…and I have to take math next semester. Fuck.


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