The Airport in November

Lots of people.
Give a little thought and it makes sense.
Now they do not make sense.
Some for obvious reasons, but…
It is not a holiday,
There is nothing special about this time.
Random in fact.
Irresponsible some might say.
Judgemental? Possibly.
Did I do it? Most defiantly.
But I was a lot smarter than these kids today…

“All members of Club, Club world, Business, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Ruby and Sapphire…may now being boarding.”

Remember that one time,
I flew in first class?
It was awesome.

Three little girls…all in matching pink, panda track suits. Brilliant.

Oh smell of airport,
You make me feel so,
Your fumes cause a headache and you smell causes a queeze.
You would think, seeing as this is my 7th time here, you would be kinder, considering my travel illness.
Now I truly understand what kind of relationship we have.
You win. Well played.


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