Movie Review…

I decided, to keep me motivated in writing on my blog, that I would start review movies. But of course it will all just be my own opinion of the film, even if that opinion is the best.

So I am going to start with the Oscars movies….It’s my aim to watch all of the front running movies nominated at the Oscars and so far…well, I’ve only watched two; The Wolf of Wall Street and 12 Years a Slave.

The Wolf of Wall Street was a very entertaining film, catering to a younger generation. I watched it with my 55 year old parents and they were less than impressed. That film defiantly earned it’s 18 rating. (I rate as we do in England.) Even though it is a three hour film, it manages to keep the audience entertained for the most part. There is one point in the film, around the 2 hour mark where is gets a little boring but then it jumps right back up. Even though some things were exaggerated from the true story, I think Scorsese did a fab job at portraying the out of control life style that these men, and woman, were supposedly living. DiCaprio gave a stella performance (as always) and I’m really gunning for him to get the Oscar (FINALLY!) I was also really impressed with Jonah Hill’s performance, even if the best part about him was his bright white teeth!

12 Years a Slave…where do I begin with this one. Essentially, I was expecting a lot more from this film. Someone once told me about motor boat acting…well this is a motor boat film. There was no ups and downs, just constant and slightly boring. The only thing that actually happens to the main character is right at the beginning but as an audience we don’t have a conniption with him yet so any attachment that could form between this character and the audience is lost because as the movie goes on, all the bad stuff happens to everyone else.

In the end, I do recommened both of these films for people to watch because they are both interesting in their own way and once again, these reviews are just my own opinion.


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