The Awkwardness of Friends

I have a small group of friends. Every couple of Friday’s we like to get together for lunch. At first it starts out normal, we talk about what’s been happening in our lives and then slowly it moves on to how much we hate this semester and how we miss the Southampton campus of Stony Brook (where we all first met). As time goes on, our gathering becomes awkward. Now I normal like to say, “It’s only awkward if you make it” but it genuinely becomes awkward. It’s mostly because we are all awkward people, not in the silence type of way, but in a unusual sort of way, which is very surprising seeing as we are all creative students. Tell us to write something, it could be touching on some of the most awkward things in life, like sex…or parents…or parents having sex and we will all take it on the chin, but put us at a table, without alcohol then things get weird. We’re comfortable in each others presence but there is something in the atmosphere that makes the most laid back situation that little bit awkward. But I suppose that it what we all love about each other. The awkwardness about out friendship.


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