SBU-TV Film Festival

This year, I decided to enter my film into a film festival that one of the clubs has organized. The rules are;

Entries must be less than 15 minutes in Length. 
Must not contain copyrighted music/score. 
Must not contain excessive foul language.
Must not contain nudity.

Now my film isn’t the cleanest in the world, so I emailed the ‘president’ of the club and explained my situation. He replied to me, very promptly I might add, saying that there may be some issues with the violence and cursing so he will leave that up to the discretion of the committee. 

At first I had no problem with that. No problem what so ever. I even liked the fact that is was possibly too ‘powerful’ and dark to be accepted.

But then I began to think about it. The highest rating my film would get is a weak NC-17 and I assume that everyone who goes to College is over the age of 17. What’s wrong with a little swearing on campus? During the first “public” viewing of my film, there was certainly people under the age of 17 at the showing and they came out perfectly unharmed. 

Now this isn’t suppose to be me just ranting…but the more I think about it, the more it seems that the “film festival” doesn’t want to handle hard hitting subjects and has probably canceled out anything from the horror genre. Which to me is despicable. The horror genre produces some of the best moral films I have ever seen, hidden in layers and layers and layers of blood and guts. 

If you are unwilling to show a film with a little “fuck” and insinuations, then maybe you shouldn’t be in College and you defiantly are not ready to step out into a little thing called LIFE.



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