It was like going there was going to prove something to me. As if the yellow sand, turquoise sea and blue sky would revive my faith. This was real life not some fairy-tale that made all your dreams come true. But as soon as I saw the pure sand, the sun beaming so bright it made the water glow; I felt what true happiness is like. The atmosphere was so warm, so perfect it felt unreal. I came to the beach to restore my faith in love, to be the cheesy romantic cliché. But I had no one to experience this with. I was on a field trip. So we did what any bunch of college students would do. We went crazy. We ran, we played, we laughed and of course we buried someone in the sand. It was great fun. But I still didn’t feel as if I accomplished my goal. 

But then I just stopped and thought for a moment. What I was feeling in that moment wasn’t a romantic love; but it was love. It was the love of experiencing a something that I will cherish forever with new friends that buried their way into my heart. 

Wow, the beach really does turn everything in to a cheesy cliché.



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