Summer’s End

She was as sassy as a storm in the middle of summer. She was seductive in every way, from the way she licked her lips to the way she flipped her golden hair. Her blue eyes twinkled with her dreams for the future, dreams of stardom and adventure. 

Those eyes, now stormy blue gazed black up at me, those longing dreams lost with the end of summer.

The floor was slippery from the aftermath. Summer had never been so seductive in my eyes. Even after her departure she was still as sassy as ever. 

It was one stormy night, while the floor was still slippery; I took Summer in a sexual manner, penetrating deep into her body and mind. She was cold and stormy. Just the way I liked them. As much as I loved Summer, I hated Summer. I preferred her hard and cold. Like Winter, now she was a sexual experience.

I was out one day when I saw someone wishing for Spring. Then I knew I had to throw Summer away. I gathered what was left and stuffed her into a bag. Walking into the forest, I placed her on the ground among the impulsive pieces of Spring. Kissing the tips of the fingers, I placed them on Summer’s bag before whispering “Goodnight.”





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