Monday night rebirth.

People can change you; it can be for the best, or the worst. They can tear you apart, turning you inside out until you don’t know what is up or down. Strange stomach tingles causing fleeting fears, reaching out to grab hold of the person you once were. No matter how high you jump or how deep you dig, you can never get them back. Their shadow no longer plays dot to dot with your own body. Misshapen outlines and bumpy pillows bend you out of shape; its uncomfortable. Smooth out the lines and fill up that cup that you though was half empty because it is easier to re-build yourself than to continuously tear yourself down to what you used to be. Bear no malice to the people; take a sip from the pool of life and grow.


One thought on “Monday night rebirth.

  1. Peter Alexander Vaughn says:

    Something I had written on my own blog, seems to apply: “I am not the man I was a year ago. I’m not even the man I was yesterday. This point is of great importance: whether in magic or life itself, you must cut the ties that bind. If anything or anyone is drawing psychic energy from you, it or they must be eliminated. At all costs.”

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