The News 

At the moment, I spend most of my day reading the news on my computer screen as I sit at my desk. The news just makes me so angry! The world is full of idiotic showman who can’t quite grasp the bigger picture. For example, legendary club ‘Fabric’ has closed as the result of two drug related deaths. Many have voiced their outrage on the closure, stating “So 150,000 voices can’t even be heard. We had no chance.” And “Fabric closing is a real blow for the youth of London. An institution.” Now I’m all for expression and culture and such, but I wish people would look at the bigger picture. Club culture, a lot of the time, is linked with drug culture and maybe, instead of protesting about the closure of a club and signing petitions, you can start a cause to help separated club and drug culture by avocating safe ways to enjoy the clubbing scene.
This was more of a rant for me to get it off my chest, as I normally dislike posts like this.


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