The Rocky Horror Show

In October 2014, my first semester of my senior year at Stony Brook University, I directed ‘The Rocky Horror Show.’ It was an experience and a half, something that I will always carry with me and has helped me improve as a person and understand the in’s and out’s of theatre. However, this also confirmed to me that I should be going into film! That’s terrible to say but I know where my heart lies, and it lies behind a camera.

Anyway, it all turned out so amazing and the cast were fantastic! Defiantly some talented people destined to go far. I was just honored to be able to direct them in one of my favourite all time musicals.

Below is a clip from a preview we did the day before Homecoming; unfortunately due to the lack of mic’s, they had to lip-sync but they did an amazing job with what they were given.

Here is also a short news beat that was created by the fab guys over at SBU-TV! Hopefully, you can feel how much antis…..apation there was over this show!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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